How many hours should I book the photographer for my Wanaka Wedding?

How many hours should I book the photographer & videographer for my Wanaka Wedding?

Wedding timelines are an art, and it can be very stressful organising your big day - but the great news is we have done it loads and are here to help. We are the only ones that are there throughout the day so we know how all the other vendors work!

After you have your timeline sorted you need to make sure that you have enough coverage for your special day, this is especially important if you want to capture all the key moments. Here are a few considerations before booking your photographer & videographer.

There are a few factors to consider when choosing your wedding photography package…

The first is the importance of having enough photography and videography coverage for your wedding day. While it’s tempting to think that you can get away with just a few hours of shooting, this typically isn’t enough time to capture everything you dreamed of. You have spent a lot of time and money to organise this special day and will want to treasure the memories forever. 

How many hours do you need?

It really depends on your plan for the day but what you will need to decide is how important it is for you to capture different parts. Do you want to tell the full story? Capture the getting ready right through to the First Dance? Or are you happy with just the ceremony & some family photos afterwards? We can help you with this and talk you through all the options.  

The time between the ceremony and reception.

Of course, the ceremony and reception are two separate parts of the day. You’ll want to plan for a break between them so you can get some beautiful photos of the two of you and everyone can relax and have a drink and some canapés. This is generally enough time for your bridal party photos as well as family photos with the happy couple before you head into dinner. 

It is more and more common to only go away for a short amount of time for bridal party photos – however we are totally flexible as to how you envisage your special day. There is the option to go to different photo locations, fly in a helicopter or stay at your venue – it’s up to you! 

We are more than happy to book the helicopter for you, pick up from your venue is usually an extra $200 but well worth it so you don’t have to travel to the airport. Most venues have a helipad all ready to go. 

When will the speeches and cake-cutting happen?

Its best to chat to your caterer about the cake cutting but we have found that doing it when you arrive at your reception for dinner can be a great idea. It means the caterer then has time to get it cut up and ready for dessert. It also means in the summer the cake wont be sitting out in the heat for too long! 

Speeches can happen whenever you like, some people do them when everyone sits down for dinner, some people spread them throughout the evening. We do recommend you let people know not to speak for too long – as we all know it can get a bit slow if the speeches drag on and on! 

Should the wedding photographer stay for the dance floor?

It can be pretty great to capture photos of the first dance and the dance floor! Whether you have a wedding band, DJ or an epic playlist.  It doesn’t take us long to get a lot of great images of the party so don’t need to stay the whole evening but can definitely get you some fun, party photos before leaving you to dance the night away. (Because lets be honest, no one wants a photographer in their face at midnight!)

These are just a few things to consider when choosing your wedding photography package. If you want to chat with me about how best to cover your day, get in touch and we can discuss what would work best for you.