What to wear for your mountain elopement in Wanaka

There is no better place to get married on top of a mountain, and there is no better way of getting there than in a helicopter.

For your heli elopement wedding in Wanaka with The Good Wedding Company, we wanted to help you with some questions you may have. So, what should you wear for your mountain elopement in Wanaka?

Here is what we recommend you wear for your heli elopement wedding in Wanaka with The Good Wedding Company. 

When you book a heli elopement with The Good Wedding Company, you will be spending the day in Wanaka. We recommend that you come prepared for what the weather may throw at you.

The clothes

Depending on the time of year it can be super hot or it can get cold, windy and wet here so we recommend comfortable clothing and layers. You might want to consider bringing:

  • A warm base layer such as thermals or leggings that go under your dress
  • A scarf or pashmina
  • A jacket or coat that can keep out the wind and rain
  • Or if it is in the middle of summer some sunscreen so you don’t end up pink!


If it is cold or winter, we recommend wearing layers of clothes that are easy to take off as you may want to be brave during the ceremony then have a coat to put on for some photos afterwards. 

How to layer your clothes for maximum warmth during your Wanaka Heli Elopement Wedding

During June – September we recommend wearing tights under your dress if you feel the cold. That way, when the wind blows and you’re hugging each other for those beautiful photos on top of the mountain, you won’t feel the chill! We also suggest bringing along a scarf to wrap around your neck and shoulders—you might be too busy celebrating to feel cold anyway.

For those couples who plan their wedding during winter or early spring months, fur is an option. It’s warm and adds an extra layer of luxury to any outfit—and who doesn’t want that?

The shoes

Mountain elopements are a special type of elopement that requires shoes that can handle the terrain. This means you’ll want to steer clear of heels and opt for something more practical, like boots or rugged sandals. If you’re planning on getting to all the best spots for pictures at the top of a mountain, it’s best to go with shoes that have good grip and provide comfort so you can get around.

Boots are a great choice because they keep your feet protected in case you come across some slushy snow or icy patches. For dressier occasions, lace-up boots look sleek and polished while still functioning well as outdoor footwear—they’re also easy to slip into when changing from your heels! If boots aren’t quite your style for your wedding day outfit list but still want something stylish: consider adding a pair of white Converse sneakers instead (or even normal sneakers).