Wedding Photography

How does it work?

As you will see from our images, we have a relaxed, documentary style of photography. We are all about making it easy and relaxed & not super awkward. We will give you a little bit of direction when you need it so you don’t get left hanging but most of the time we will just be there to document the day as it unfolds. 

Should I get a helicopter?

Wanaka, Queenstown & Fiordland boast some of the best views in the world – most likely the reason you are wanting to get married here. It really depends on your timing on the day, location of your wedding & what you are wanting as to whether you get a helicopter or not for your photos. Give us a call and we can talk through all the options – there are pro’s & con’s to all! 

How do I get the beautiful sunset photos?

Timing on the day is one of the trickiest things so we are more than happy to help! While we all wish for an amazing sunny day, it can make for super harsh bright light for middle of the day photos so if you want that golden, dreamy look, make sure we plan for some photos at sunset to sneak out and grab a couple of shots.

Do you photograph big weddings and elopements?

We do it all! We love getting amongst the dancefloor at large weddings just as much as we love being special enough to join you on your big day when its just the two of you on top of a mountain. 

Can we meet up before the wedding?

Of course, having your photo taken is quite an intimate thing so its super important that we all get along. You will spend more time with your photographer than almost anyone else on your wedding day, so give us a shout and lets get a coffee or a wine. Alternatively we can BYO to a zoom call if you aren’t heading this way anytime soon. 

Will you share our photos on social media?

We love to share photos on social media, however its no issue at all if you don’t want us too – just ask. 

How long does it take to get photos & how many do we get?

We do our best to get you a couple of sneak peek images within 48 hours of your wedding so you have something awesome to share straight away. The rest of the images will be 4-6 weeks away. It really depends on how many hours you book us for as to how many images you get but we will give you all of the good ones from the day and not hold any back just to stick to a number. 

We are super awkward and not good at getting our photo taken...

This is what almost ALL of our couples tell us, and look how beautiful and relaxed they look in our images. Its all good, we’ve got you. We are used to this and will make sure we give you enough direction that it makes it fun and easy. The feedback we always get (especially from the boys) is that it wasnt bad and was actually quite fun getting their photo taken. 

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