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Wanaka & Queenstown Luxury Wedding Photographers

Queenstown & Wanaka's premiere luxury wedding photographers.

Just like the breathtaking landscapes we call home, we embrace a spirit of adventure and uniqueness. We understand that you, too, are an adventurous soul, which is why you’re considering a mountain wedding.

As luxury wedding photographers, our role goes beyond merely providing you with beautiful photos. In a world filled with trendy edits, flashy cameras, and staged poses, we strive for something more refined and authentic.

Our goal is to capture your day with elegance and authenticity, ensuring you are left with timeless, romantic photographs that you will treasure forever.




Jodie has been photographing weddings for ten years, capturing documentary-style images with elegance and an emphasis on connection. Her attention to detail results in timeless, romantic photos that beautifully tell each couple’s unique love story. Jodie’s work reflects her dedication to creating authentic, emotive imagery that resonates deeply with her clients.

Derek Henderson Fashion Photographer



Derek Henderson, renowned for his natural beauty and classical elegance in photography, now specialises in luxury, editorial, and romantic wedding photography. With a diverse background in fashion, architecture, interiors, still life, landscapes, and portraiture, his work is featured in top publications like American Vogue and British Vogue. His high-profile clients include Louis Vuitton and Bottega Veneta. Henderson’s editorial style captures the extraordinary in the ordinary, resulting in complex, captivating narratives.

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